Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Morning Egg Hunt

Easter morning the relatives all went to church while I enjoyed a morning reading Carol Anshaw's new book. Different kinds of church. Then we headed over to my aunt and uncle's for the day. The kids enjoyed riding their bikes in the cul de sac. Don't tell anyone, but I rode a bike too. And I didn't fall over. I had a moment of thinking bikes weren't so bad...in suburbia. Still wouldn't find me riding a bike in the city. Not even with the cutest of bunny ears. I had left my car at my aunt and uncle's the night before due to the various configurations of driving we had done with the kids and the country. On Sunday morning E. came over after K. and A. had left for church. I guess he thought they were meeting up there. Once it was established that they were already gone he made a slight comment about how a good project for my afternoon might be making my car less of a disaster area. It's true, compared to all of their cars, my car was a righteous failure. I'm not one of those people who leaves food in my car to rot. But I am one of those people who leaves papers, empty plastic bottles, parking vouchers from two-year old camping trips, and who knows what else, in my car for pretty much all eternity. By the time we arrived at the house, E. had already cleaned my outside windows. It did seem like the thing to do, so I got a trash bag and dealt with a lot of the non-recyclable debris...as well as the bottles. Then E. started vacuuming. The end result? A car that hasn't been this clean since I bought it in 2008.
My big thing was the egg dyeing and then hiding the eggs for the kids. None of the other adults were half as excited about the possibilities of this opportunity. K. had insisted days before that if the kids weren't searching for eggs with candy inside of them, they wouldn't care. I accepted this as fact but...I think if I were to return to Ohio next year, I'd try to see how they would react if the prize of candy was rewarded as a result of who found the most eggs. Except, of course, that they would all get candy because I'm not trying to start a child revolt. The revolutions of children are powered mostly by tears and tantrums, two things I have no interest in supporting. Anyways. M.'s three oldest and two neighbor kids actually had two egg hunts. Ours was the second. The kids found all the eggs and enjoyed it. Success.

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