Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grove City Tacos and Eggs

Once in Grove City we got down to the business of egg dyeing. This was my most successful egg. A mix of wax and rubber band placement helped it shine. Also, these photos are totally not 100% chronological.

A. and K. a duo not to be trifled with.
Baby R. the newest member of M. and S.'s family. The youngest of the cousins. Can we just talk about how precious that hat is? Good. I'm glad we did.
I. at one point in the evening came across her sister lying sedately on the floor and toddled her way over to her.

After this I. started patting her sister on the belly like one would a dog. A little too strenuous. I love how gentle is a word children generally learn early in life through their acquaintance or run-ins with kittens, puppies or real live actual babies. Oh look, K. and A. again. If these photographs were actually sequenced in the order they were taken that would mean that I was a very fast mover and photographer and that all the people in my life move at a quarter speed.
My uncle E. likes to tell the kids to come over to him because he has something for them. Then they do. And then he says I've got a hug for you and gives them a big warm embrace. He does this with a certain mischevious spirit mixed with pure good will and love.
At the end of the evening A., K., M. and I went to the World of Beer. This place had the potential for maybe a week night beer, but on a Saturday night it was definitely bustling. But seating wasn't actually a problem. We didn't have to wait and our seating was decent. The issue really was the combination of the ambient noise of so many people in a relatively cavernous space and the cover band playing on the next floor, but whose microphones and speakers were being transmitted to a series of larger speakers in what felt like every angle and direction. Basically we couldn't hear ourselves, let alone one another. It did have a lot of televisions for sports viewing. It didn't have a menu. Instead it had some sort of agreement with some of the other nearby restaurants for delivery. A representative from one of the different restaurants came to where we were seated and gave us a menu to peruse. Interesting business formula. I don't know if it was synergistic, opportunistic, parasitic orsome other word altogether. So, to conclude, World of Beer seemed like an interesting idea, but on weekend nights, or pretty much any time they have live music I would imagine, it's entirely impossible to talk to anyone not sitting directly next to your mouth.
For dinner L. and M. made taco fixings. There had been some talk of going out to eat. But sounder voices prevailed and what a lovely meal it was. I love me some tacos.

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