Sunday, April 01, 2012

Cocktail, Donut and Traffic c/o Lemon Hill, Federal Donuts and Philadelphia Respectively

The Thursday before this past Thursday found me yet again enjoying Lemon Hill's happy hour. This time I met up with AS. The discounted cocktail of the evening was, if I recall correctly, the Mark Twain: a famous grouse blended scotch, with fresh lemon juice and angostura bitters, served up. I ordered a second full-priced Fairmount Project, which was a mix of bluecoat gin, bonal, luxardo maraschino, fresh lemon juice, house blackberry syrup, bitter truth mole and fee’s aromatic bitters, served up. This was a little more my style. Blended scotch/scotch cocktails aren't really my bag. While we were catching up and enjoying our drinks (AS went with the house white), there was a camera crew documenting the scene with an extremely bright light attached to their camera. We tried to act hip, happening and not blinded. I have tracked down the video and you can see AS' back for about 1 second, so hipness was achieved. Sort of.
The next morning I got up at a reasonable hour and enjoyed the fact that I was taking the day off. I planned on meeting up with family in Gettysburg a little later in the day, but I first was on a mission to enjoy donuts and fried chicken from Federal Donuts. I knew I was potentially going to run into trouble on the chicken count, as I arrived around 10:30 and I had a feeling they didn't actually fry chickens til closer to noon, but I wanted to give it the good college try nonetheless. I couldn't really be all that disappointed when it turned out that chicken wouldn't go live until 11:45. So I made due by ordered a hot lavender vanilla donut, one S'mores donut and one oatmeal raisin donut. Compared to the madhouse of a weekend, the place was almost deserted, just one mother and child sitting at the counter, me, and a couple who came in just a little after me.
With one donut in my belly I decided that it was time to head out of town. I took Columbus to 95 to 76 instead of snaking my way over to 76 through the city proper. It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day. Definitely in the 70s, sunny as all get out. A good day for a country drive, but less entertaining in shitty traffic on 76.
Eventually the traffic I encountered thinned and I enjoyed a nice pace to Gettysburg.

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