Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sushi Snacks c/o Umai Umai

On the same day as the Korean lunch, Mr. Ass contacted me and asked if I wanted to have dinner and see a movie with him and one of his friends. I said yes. We ended up eating at Umai Umai. This was my third or fourth time at the establishment, and this visit didn't really change my basic sense about the place: it's good, but maybe not as good as everyone seems to think? I went with the Kaki Oyster appetizer (Crispy panko crusted kumamoto oysters, blueberry balsamic reduction, cherry wasabi tartare, arugula), which had a lot of nice flavors and was satisfying though at $12 for three fried oysters, I don't know, I thought an extra oyster would have been a nice touch.
I also tried their tuna bruchetta (Sashimi tuna, piquillo salsa, dill aioli). My relationship with dill ebbs and flows and in this instance I liked the overall flavor profiles working their way to my tastebuds, but might have been happier with just a little less dill and just a little more bruchetta. So, perhaps it's fair to say that my issue with the place is portions and pricing, as well as simply not experiencing the same 'wow factor' effect that others seem to strongly feel at Umai Umai. Mr Ass had a soup and one roll and wasn't terribly impressed either, if I recall correctly.
After dinner we played some Scrabble before meeting up with Mr. Ass' friend S. and going to see Rare Exports. I hadn't read a thing about this movie, and Mr. Ass' description of it didn't really prepare me for what the movie was, but in a good way. It was like one part 'indie' foreign film, one part American action movie and one part heartwarming Disney film, but with blood and naked zombie santa type men running around. Mr. Ass and S. seemed to have more issues with holes in the plot, but when the premise is that Santa Claus is buried inside a mountain because he's not up to any good, I figure plot holes are bound to spring up.
I should also mention that in one game of Scrabble Mr. Ass had two bingos in a row; elixirs and feathers respectively. I was remiss in not photographing the board.

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