Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beers and Buds at City Tap House

Ak was back from Utah for the holidays. We had met briefly earlier in her vacation, but when she realized she was running out of time to see a good number of people, she organized a meet-up at City Tap House to consolidate as many people into one night. Though it was a bit chilly, I walked there, which was a good 2.5 miles. And once I arrived, a little hot from my exertions, I promptly enjoyed a nice beer, the name of which I forget...but after that first beer I went with the Founder's Breakfast Stout. A fine beer indeed.
This was, rather embarrassingly, the farthest west I've gone in Philadelphia. The restaurant/bar is big and comes decked out with a patio area with multiple fires, as you can see here.
Another Breakfast Stout. I didn't try any of their food, but it seemed to be of a good overall quality.
Then some photographs of Ak, L. and I were taken.

And then pictures from another camera and no flash.
I think this is me pretending to be some sort of beer whale.
It was good to see Ak again and a fun night. I took a cab home, don't judge me.


nc catherine said...

Ok I am game, what is a Breakfast stout? Or is it part of the entire name, Founders Breakfast...which if Founder is having stout for breakfast, look out. Something in the name just made me giggle. Looks good tho, all dark and chocolatey and stouty.

Since I am in a slightly questioning mode, what would be a beer whale? I seeth not any such whaleishness! Just some goofy and some beer.

I hope you dig out from storm number, wha'? 906? We missed that bullet yay! I am so over winter, yep yep yep. Now watch us get the March Hell Storm. Sigh.

cc said...

You know, I don't know. I recently asked a friend what made a milk stout a milk stout, and all I learned was that the beer was somehow brewed with lactose. But why one would do that was left unexplained.

My non-researched thought would be that it's a beer in the style of the founders. In other words, it's more like what they drank back in the day.

Beer whale, it just seems right.

Yep, the snow just won't quit. I haven't bothered to dig out my car because it'll probably only get buried again.