Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hair and Makeup for LB and C.'s Wedding

LB had a fortress of women (similar to a binder of women, really) as bridesmaids. There were 11 of us in total, so the hair/makeup side of the wedding day had to start early to make sure we were all taken care of. I arrived a bit early to the salon, which was across the street from DiBruno Brothers, so I went inside and ordered myself a latte and sat outside until others arrived. Then the fun really began.

LB's mother brought us all funny glasses, which we wore throughout the day. RPM went with the martini glasses.
This lady also did my hair. As a woman who doesn't own a blow dryer, I wasn't entirely sure how much information or direction I needed to give her. Or, rather, I wasn't capable of giving that much information or direction. But I had discussed my hair preliminarily with LW and MP in the office, so I did say that I was hoping for a low chignon and some sort of braid component. You'll see my hair soon enough. The four stylists did a really great job, I don't feel like they rushed any of our looks, and even though my hair was done by 11, it held up for the remainder of the day and all the way into the evening.
LB's hair took many more steps, which befits the role of bride. So there were a lot of moments when we just congregated around her as she was blown out, curled up, sprayed etc.
In addition to glasses, there were also snacks and mimosas for us, but somehow I took zero photographs of the spread.
I did, however, make sure my glasses were documented. I was the only one who didn't think to wear a button down shirt, which became a challenge when it was time to put on my dress without ruining my hair. I managed. I also managed to forget a very important undergarment at my apartment, which led to a anxious period of time when my hair was still getting done, but all I could think about was catching a cab, getting home, picking the item up and returning before everyone else's hair was done. It turned out just fine.
J. gave LB a massage, which LB loved...but she was quite shocked by just how strong J.'s hands were.

BC was also rather amazed.

My hair.
LB's hair in transition.

LB's hair in a light hairspray mist.

Once a good number of us had our hair complete, we started a migration back to the Union League for the next part of the journey: makeup. While this day was totally not about me, I gotta tell you, my makeup was really quite good. But somehow I didn't think to ask anyone to take any photographs of me when it was fresh, and even throughout the night I didn't really get as many photos as I should have. Actually, I was so concerned about what to do with my camera during the ceremony that I handed it over to LW hours earlier than I should have, thus missing out on many of the best stages of the prep process...I took photos with LB's camera, but that means I don't have them to share. In any case, here is LB getting her makeup did.
There were also snacks and champagne in the suite while we all got made up and ready. Here, RPM and AP both enjoy a hearty laugh about something while sitting near the unpictured I really just wiffed the food aspect of this day.
The prep process went by in such a funny way. Time stopped, expanded and contracted. One moment it felt like there were so many hours to go before the bridesmaids needed to put their dresses on, next thing you know V. and I are in her room getting into go-mode. Funny aside, while I originally forgot the crazy brassiere that I purchased for the dress, I had brought two additional strapless bras just in case I had a wardrobe malfunction. Turns out that both of those bras were ultimately needed by two other bridesmaids. I'm quite pleased with my own weird craziness...I think most would agree that you don't need to bring three bras for one dress/night. And yet, actually, you do.
I hope that I turn up in a few of LB's pro photos so I can just give you a better sense of the overall look etc.


nc sandy free catherine said...

Oh where to even start! Loved your hair, want to do the same with mine now that it is longer sort of. Did you have a thing into which the hair was shoved to make the cool chignon donut? And nope, makes perfect sense to me to cart around numbers of undergarments on such a day!!! It is ok you whiffed on the food pix, the hair stuff is plenty amusing! Off topic majorly, but: Glad Super Soaker Disturber of the Universe Sandy left y'all alone. Poor NJ Shore.....

shelly said...

OH so fun to see these and hear about the pre-wedding prep! Thanks Caroline!!...from the MOG

cc said...

It was fun to be a part of it!