Saturday, November 03, 2012

Wedding Reception Fun Times

I've known LB since I was 13. We lived on the same hall our freshmen and sophomore years of high school. I don't quite recall how it began, but during those years I'd often come to LB's room and we'd chat about this and that. Boys and the like. And even when we lived on different halls, I would often meander my way to her room to hang out during study hall. We managed to keep in touch post-high school and through our various locations and life changes. I recall having gone a pretty long time without talking to LB on the phone when I was in Chicago, and finally catching up. And I very much remember a portion of that conversation, which focused on keeping in touch. I feel like we both assured the other that if we ever got married, the other would totally be invited to the wedding. When I moved to Philly I enjoyed getting to spend more quality time with LB. We found a nice balance in our friendship and I have treasured LB's continued role as confidante and fun friend over the last five years.   When I first arrived in Philly LB was just starting to date C., and I had a good feeling about him from the start. So, to see them finally tying the knot, and to be invited to the wedding, is really just a happy making occasion all around. The fact that the reception really was just full on fancy/classy was a nice finishing touch, but it could have been in a dungeon and I think LB's family and friends would have been just as excited and danced and reveled just as much. And so, now that I've established that I am grateful for LB's friendship and glad to see her married to such a stand-up guy, lets get to it. After the wedding itself we took a handful of photos in a nearby park before making our way, trolley-style, back to the Union League and reception. After getting ourselves drinks we reconvened outside for a few more professional photos. Before all the other members of the bridal/groom party arrived, I asked LB to get a few candids with me...unfortunately the person taking the photograph didn't really stop to look at them, so out of the three, only this one is decent for both of us. Double chin on my part not withstanding.
And after those outdoor photos, it was time to go to the big ballroom for the dinner and dancing part of the evening. Just gorgeous. 
I don't know what V. is looking at, but she lost a hand over of it.
C. and M. are in lurve.
LW and V. LW was my junior year roommate, and V. lived on our floor as well. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it's been nearly 15 years since those days but, in fact, it truly has been. V.'s had a baby, LW is engaged. Time marches on.
Their entrance was fantastic.
The appetizer was a scallop with cubed potatoes, asparagus and some delectable sauce.
Lovely little salad.
And the piece de resistance, a nice bit of steak and an equally delectable portion of sea bass. Mmmm. Yeah I ate this entire plate.
Mr. Ass was in attendance, properly tuxedoed.
N. and I made a quick stop in the luxurious bathroom and I needed to take mirror photos. Needed it.

There was plenty of dancing, with the help of a live band from Baltimore.

I took a very similar photo of C. and R. at their wedding. Love it.
Dessert included these fun sticks of chocolate magic. I'll have to ask LB to comment in order to remember just what they consisted of.
I will also need to seek out additional photos of myself that prove that my makeup looked good. Here is really the only one I have.
A little tri-dancing and photobombing. Best photograph of the night.
Action shot.
The evening was just lovely. I enjoyed a steady stream of champagne but knew to pace myself in order to fully enjoy myself without getting too sauced. Once the reception ended a bunch of folks went out to a bar, but I had work the next day and decided it would be best to retire to my room and get more hours of sleep than hours of revelry. This was a very good decision on my part. The next morning V. and I enjoyed the Union League breakfast buffet, which included omelets made to order. I went with peppers, tomato, bacon and smoked salmon, with a side of sausage. Gotta say, the sausage looked better than it was but the omelet hit the spot. After all the hullabaloo and excitement, it was quite strange to get into regular people clothes, get into a cab, and get to work. Going from so many faces I enjoy and so much fun to just another day in the office was a rather rough transition, but I kept my false eyelashes on for that day and that helped me feel like a little magic remained:)

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nc catherine said...

You look absolutely gorgeous. I would not have known the lashes were fake, they looked incredibly natural. I needed to see the shoes though, alas no shoe pix. Interesting color choice for the dresses but they flattered the skin tones of each and every one of you, a difficult feat I understand! Lovliness all around!