Sunday, October 14, 2012

Birds and Steak

I have been spending more time in the country as a result of my employers' willingness to allow me to work remotely a couple of days per week. This has given me great solace and enjoyment, and spending time in the pretty and quiet actually makes me appreciate the city and the folks I hang out with there more. In the country I generally hang out with no one except birds, squirrels, a very reliable toad and assorted other raccoons and deer among them. Perhaps the most consistently present of animals is the turkey vulture. They do their lazy circling all over the place, and I can generally count on seeing a bunch of them each and every time I go outside. For instance, look at all these guys.

Summer is quite officially over, and the ability to truly note that by coming up here every week and seeing the leaves change is really a good reminder of how seasons work.
One night for dinner I cooked myself a steak and rosemary parmesan potatoes. The steak was c/o the Little Farm Store and Meadow Brook Farms. I salted and peppered the steak, browned it in cast iron skillet, then stuck it in the oven for a couple of minutes to make sure the internal temperature was to my liking. Then ate it with a glass (or three) of Malbec, the exact brand I forget.
I'd also like to note that the potatoes/leeks were deeeeeelicious.
I could have taken the steak out a minute or two earlier for just a little more pink, but it was still very tasty. I think it was skirt steak. The store has so many different cuts it's hard to recall.

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