Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Out and About in Center City

So a weekend or two back was chock full of activity. There was weekend work, lunch with my aunt, and then a party! MP and her bf hosted a housewarming party for themselves, and I braved going to it without a wing person. While MP and I are friends, we don't really socialize out of work very much, so hers was a party of mainly strangers. Strangers who brought jalapeno, hot dog corn muffins, which we eventually declared 'pigs in the muff.'
Their apartment is on the fourth floor of a walk up building, so you definitely get your exercise going up the stairs. But the apartment itself is really cute and has a really great roof. I spent the majority of my time at the party holding it down in a normal sized chair while MP brought up an itty bitty chair for herself.
Ah me. My face these days, a little fat.
But a party was not the only evening activity on my social agenda. I was also scheduled to meet up with S. and C. for drinks. They were in town from NYC so that C. could run a marathon with her aunt...but then she injured herself doubly, so they ended up being there just to support the aunt. We met up at the Bards. In addition to C. and S. was LS and her 'pen pal.' So it was a veritable mini-high school meet up. We played some darts against one another and strangers.
And, as I always do, I insisted on photographic proof of our time together.
S. knows how to rock Philly gear.
LS's pen pal has some role in the pop up gardens that have been around the city this summer, and we were privileged enough to get to frolic around one such space for a bit after darts. Again, photographs had to be taken. LS is doing a very good job of looking almost exactly the same in both of these photographs.

Good times. It was a long and varied day and evening, full of faces I enjoy seeing. Great seeing you all!

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