Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Turkey Vultures, Breakfast and Fall Foliage

One of my favorite parts of spending so much quality time outside of the city is just how many animals I can see. As I already noted, turkey vultures are a pretty common fixture in the air during the afternoons...but one morning I got up early enough to see a gaggle of them all still roosting. I imagine they were airing out/drying their wings before getting down to business. It was a strange and striking thing to come across.

Sun and leaves. No complaints.

I reheated some of the cheesy rosemary leek and potatoes and added a fried farm egg on top. This was one of my more brilliant ideas.
Another day and more woods walking.
I'm going to be sad when the leaves all fall off and everything is bare.
But for now it's golden. Literally.

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