Sunday, October 07, 2012

Block Party and Chickens

A few weekends back, my block had its annual block party. Though I've lived on the same street, in the same apartment, for going on four plus years I never joined in the block party festivities. I think one year S. and I had a separate barbeque. It is definitely a family oriented neighborhood and party. Plenty of kids riding scooters and 40+ year old parents. In any case, I decided this was going to be the year that I gathered myself together and check the scene out on a street level. There were lots of dishes on display. I tried a bit of skewered chicken (good), a bit overcooked and cold sausage (less so), a deviled egg (something was weird with the yolk) and cheese. Nothing blew me away but I did strike up conversations with neighbors I'd never even noticed before and tried to catch up on the gossip of the block (there isn't really any gossip).

The definite highlight of my time at the block party was finally meeting the chickens I knew lived on the block. Months back I noticed two chickens in the alley, calmly pecking at the weeds growing out of the cracked sidewalk/pavement. They didn't seem terribly worried or confused, and since I had no idea where they came from, I simply observed for a while before going on with my day. Now I know from where those chickens escaped, and the chickens' names. This lady is Scarlet. She has an all white friend named Blanche, but Blanche wouldn't stay still enough for photographs.
I got to feed them grapes, which if you hold just a bit above their heads they will jump to get. So. Much. Fun.

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