Saturday, October 20, 2012

Art Opening at King's Oaks

About two weeks back I gathered myself together and made my way to a different country spot. Mr. Ass had organized an art show and I wanted to check it out. It was a beautiful Friday evening. On display was the work of about 10 artists (you can get more info from that link right over and up), most of which was in a barn to which Mr. Ass and his friends and family had recently done a serious rehab. From my understanding it had been a multi-generational mess of long forgotten items big and small. After they were done it was a great space, plenty of walls and partitions, lovely old wood floors, the occasional chink to let a stray big of night light in. Just delightful.
I meandered around taking photos and having strange, yet generally entertaining, conversations with people with whom I had gone to high school, but didn't actually know well, and the parents of people with whom I went to high school and did know well.

There was a little satellite gallery in what is now a chapel, but was once a sheep pen?

See the dude in a red shirt and what looks like an umbrella? He directed traffic all night. Teenagers.
A lovely evening and event.

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