Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Basket List

Things I'd like to do before I die:

1. Quit smoking and never take it back up.
2. Travel to Japan and eat really good street food and sushi in a city before enjoying country/quiet beach fronts or hot springs.
3. Travel to Hawaii and rent a house tucked away from most everything, eating pretty much everything Rachelle B. eats in all her Hawaii blog posts.
4. Paint my own pottery thing. Like the children do.
5. Learn how to make radio pieces/stories.
6. Own chickens.
7. Visit the states of California, Texas and Montana.
8. Make my own cheese.
9. Make pasta from scratch.
10. Go deep sea fishing.
11.Learn to SCUBA dive.
12. Live in a equatorial location for a year.
13. Own my own lodgings.
14. Have a steady companion to keep me warm in bed and entertained during the daylight hours.
15. Volunteer in some capacity. Whether helping kids with reading/writing, or volunteering for Hope Lodge.
16. Make enough money that if I want to buy a piece of furniture, I can buy a piece of furniture.
17. Pick up knitting (again) and finish the scarf I started making for M. four years ago, the sweater I started making myself seven years ago, etc.
18. Remember what it was like to have a point of view and the need to share it through writing or art. Or, rather, not remember it, but find my way back to that thinking.
19.  Develop an appreciation for exercise of some kind and lose 10-20 pounds, and keep it off.
20. Finish paying off my student loans before I'm 45.

That's all I got for the moment.


Robley H said...

A lovely list. I heartily endorse every item, especially number 1. :-)

nc catherine said...

Ok I am game for many of these if you want a traveling pal. One year at the equator, I am in. I want to do a full year on the Outer Banks, well I DID want to but now Irene and Sandy are making me rethink that....Montana definitely. California ok, Texas not so much....Exercise yup sign me up. Then make me do it. Cheese making, gosh I tried once a long time ago on a hippie farm far far away and I think I created mozzarella penicillin but we were random and thankfully it went to the pigs.......they lived. Tried yogurt too, um same disaster. Temperature control is probably key.

I like your list. I am in awe of even thinking about making one; mine would consist of lame crap like NEW JOB or NEW LOCATION instead of something important like figure out how to perfect tomato sauce.......or grow the tomatoes perfectly to make the sauce. OR something. "Perfect" as verb, don't get to do that too often......

cc said...

Oh the job and location are just things that need to happen. This list is more about the fun things or important non-things. I don't knwo what I'm talking about. It's a grab-bag.

RebeccaRcollins said...

I know for sure that I can make one of those things a reality.

RebeccaRcollins said...

I know for sure that I can make one of those things a reality.