Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tomato Sauce in the Country

Another day in the country and I decided to make a meat tomato sauce. I've found that I like to add a portion of ground lamb into the mix, which is what I did in this very case. To the ground lamb I added ground beef, one hot Italian sausage, one yellow onion, and four or five garlic cloves. Oh, and diced tomatoes of course. Let it simmer and simmer again then served it up in a bowl of thick spaghetti. I do have quite the preference when it comes to pasta. Generally the angel hair variety of pasta doesn't do it for me, which is strange since it's not like it tastes any different. I just find the texture to be wrong. I like my pasta like I like my men I guess: hearty. What? That's not even true. I just felt like saying it. Though I guess I do prefer men who have their health.

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