Thursday, March 01, 2012

Monkfish Pate and Ramen c/o Doma

So in the last month or so, there has been a lot of press and foodie talk about two new ramen options in the city. The first, Roundeye Ramen, is still without a physical location and has held two 'pop up' events at Matyson. I planned on going to the first with a few folks, but they all, independently of one another, canceled, and I just couldn't bring myself to go alone. Then the second one, which was last weekend, required you to call and make reservations at 10 AM the day before. I called and left a message at 10:17, but got a call later saying I hadn't called soon enough and asking if I wanted to be on the waitlist. I just wasn't that hardcore. The other new spot, Ramen Boy, only opened in the last three or four weeks. I've been jonesing for ramen since my initial introduction in NYC and subsequent (slightly less awe inspiring) experience in Wheaton, and have been following the twitter feeds of both new establishments. I also follow a number of other restaurants, so when Doma tweeted that its ramen was only going to be on the menu for a limited time, I decided that it was time to return...C. and I went there what now feels like years ago (because it was), and I loved it but somehow never got back. So on a Friday a few weeks back, I went to Doma solo. I started with the monkfish pate appetizer, which remained an interesting and tasty dish. So creamy and rich, with a taste all its own...and a little wasabi tobikko to boot.
Then I went with the spicy brothed ramen, which came with half a medium boiled egg, jalepeno, skinny mushrooms, a square of seaweed and greens. I enjoyed it very much, but the broth wasn't quite as porky/fatty as the NYC version. I am still such a newcomer to ramen, but I know that it comes in different styles, so I'm glad to try them...though so far the fatty pork version is still my fave.
The noodles had that nice spring to them that most food writers mention or discuss in depth when they turn their attentions to ramen. Doma is a nice place, and I really should go there more...though I don't really love their high top tables and not 100% comfortable chairs.

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