Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Hour c/o Lemon Hill

Last Thursday I decided to check out Lemon Hill's happy hour after work. The weather seems to have turned for the better in the last two weeks (not that it was ever really bad this winter), and I enjoyed seeing red buds and cherry blossoms on my walk over. Once there I grabbed a stool at the bar and ordered the happy hour cocktail of the evening: Rye Buck, wild turkey rye whiskey, fresh lemon juice, house ginger syrup and soda. This was nice and refreshing, and had the right idea for such a nice Spring day. The ginger was subtle.
I also decided to try their special fried chicken livers. These were cornmeal breaded, if I recall directly, and came with a bacon ailoi for dipping. Good, but not entirely as expected. The taste and texture of the liver wasn't as rich or smooth as I usually associate with chicken liver. This is both a good and a bad thing in my book. A too liver-y chicken liver is not really my bag, but I did find it weird that at times I forgot what I was eating and almost thought I was eating fried oysters. Scale of one to ten, I'd give them a seven. I did, however, finish them.
Later on LW met up with me and we proceeded on to a night of darts and debauchery. Minus any real debauchery past drinking Miller Lights with lemon.

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nc catherine said...

I am seeing a libation trend here, interesting things with rye whiskey. Which gives me hope that we can use the lovely gift bottle left by D at Christmas time, and you can concoct wonderful refreshing post-beach drinks if we are all so lucky to hit Waves and waves again over Memorial Day. And now I want a recipe for ginger syrup so I can make my own version for this here refreshing beverage!