Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dinner and Margaritas c/o Isabel

So a few weeks back BC expressed interest in creating a plan that involved brunch and the Zoe Strauss exhibit at the Art Museum. I then sent her perhaps too thorough a list of all the different brunchy spots I'd like to try. Then it was decided that instead of brunch, it should be dinner and it should be followed by one of the museum's Art After 5 dance parties.
This basic plan was further fleshed out once we narrowed down our dinner destination to Isabel. Due to the relative early hour that the Museum broke down its entertainment (8:45) we went with an early reservation time of 5:45. This was a good plan. We all won, really. AS was nice enough to pick up the nice bottle of tequila we would end up completing after two pitchers of limon margarita mix. BC and BA came with red lipstick and sequins. Ok. Anyways. We started with the guacamole, which was a nice serving and I appreciated the slightly chunkier style than my other recent guac experience. Next up we tried one of the many specials of the evening. Fried cheese. Mmmmm. Fried cheese. Nice and hot, oooey, but not too gooey.
AS and BA both went the way of the enchilada. I enjoyed taking a little taste of their jalepeno cream sauce. Definitely a different approach than your typical red/green/mole. BC chose the special that included cubed pork shoulder, fried plantain, pickled onions, rice and beans (and maybe something else, there was a lot of food on her plate). I took a bite and the pork was certainly flavorful, but BC felt like it was a little dry and I have to agree. It wasn't terribly dry, but pork shoulder is a cut that so often lends itself to fatty, juicy, tender results that even a slight lessening of that effect does impact the whole.
I chose to try their chille relenos. I enjoyed the light red tomato sauce that smothered the peppers themselves. It was mild, not much of a kick, but fresh to the tongue and not flat. The peppers and the magical cheese within them were good. Nothing too revolutionary or unique about this presentation. I didn't care too terribly much for the rice, and the beans didn't strike me as 'wowza' material.
I'd say that the meal on the whole was a success. And enough of what came out of the kitchen was above average enough that I'd go back to try a different set of dishes. And the waitstaff was also friendly, if a little bit off with timing.

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