Saturday, March 10, 2012

Museum and Scorpions

Once our meal - and the bottle of tequila - had come to an end, we hoofed it over to the Museum. It certainly was a pretty hip and happening spot. I had been excited about seeing the West Philadelphia Orchestra and maybe doing a little shimmying in the corner, but they had been the first musical act of the night, which we missed while chomping down on our variety of Isabel treats. The second act, which we did catch, was a little more experimental...not really after a brief time standing and watching them make sounds, we made our way to the Strauss exhibit.
Once we had our share of art, we went outside to see it was raining and to plot our next step. Now, earlier in the day I was checking in on Twitter when I saw that Sampan had tweeted that the first ten people to use a specific hashtag would then win a free Scorpion Bowl. Now, I love winning things and I love large bowls of alcohol (I didn't actually know this was true until that night), so of course I threw my hat into the ring. And I am glad I did, because I was a winner! So it was decided that we would make our way to Sampan and claim our bowl of booze. We ended up going to the Graffiti Bar, which is Sampan's tucked away outdoor/indoor bar. To get to it, you have to walk down quite a narrow alley way. Sampan seems to like to create a scene. But the thing is the scene ain't so bad when you're there.
And so I went up to the bartender and asked about redeeming the twitter deal. He seemed unsure and went to check with his manager, and I was afraid I had somehow misunderstood and we would be laughed out of the place for our naivete...but instead it was confirmed, and a Scorpion Bowl we did enjoy.
BEHOLD! So I have no idea what's in this sucker, other than pineapple juice and alcohol. We took up a corner spot at the bar and got to work.
Romantical moments were captured. Not really. Men, both these ladies are looking for all the wrong places. That's not true, they're looking in the right places too. It's me who's looking in the wrong places. Moving on.
I like this series of BC and me.
I have no idea what AS or BA said, but clearly it was hilarious.
It's amazing how much effort it takes to drink a fish bowl of a cocktail. It took determination and fortitude, and reinforcements of water.
But we got the job done.
This is AS making sure every last drop has been properly done away with.
We didn't stay much longer after the bowl was spent. This was due, in part, to our desire to dance our little feet off somewhere and the fact that Graffiti Bar is not the spot for dancing. Also, as you may have noticed on your own, we had already consumed a bottle of tequila between the four of us and after the Scorpion Bowl we were pretty well set for alcohol. So off we went...but to where??? I know the answer to this question. Do not worry.

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