Sunday, March 11, 2012

Afternoon Slumber Party Lasagna

On Saturday LB and I had plan for an afternoon slumber party. I decided I'd add to the splendor of the occasion by baking a lasagna. I didn't quite manage to get all (or any) of the prep work accomplished before LB arrived, so a good amount of the slumber party was in the kitchen. This dish, which I've done versions of in the past, consisted of sauteed mushrooms (in bacon grease and a touch of salt), a parsley/parmesan/lemon/garlic pesto (with ricotta), bechamel sauce and, of course, copious amounts of mozzarella cheese. I liked the new lemon element of the pesto, something I tried out the week before with a salmon dish I entirely forgot to document. I sent a good helping home with LB after we concluded our slumber times by half watching Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell shine in the underrated motion picture, Overboard.

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