Friday, March 16, 2012

Dishcrawl Philly: Stop Three, Farmer's Cabinet

The last stop on the crawl was Farmer's Cabinet. We sidled up to the side bar to grab cocktails before sitting down for the last set of tastes of the night. I went with a rum daisy and was quite pleased with this choice.
I was a bit surprised that the first plate out was a small individual sized charcuterie plate. Tasty, but not quite exciting given the fact that we had just had access to a bigger spread of meat at Fish. I guess the two restaurants didn't collaborate or talk to one another.
Next up was a butternut squash soup in a darling little glass.

And then finally a soft pretzel.
This was a nice final stop. Nothing was really awe inspiring about any of the three dishes, but the company remained top notch and the Farmer's Cabinet does ambiance quite well.

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