Saturday, March 10, 2012

Heartless Bastards c/o Union Transfer

After our Sampan feast, we grabbed a taxi and headed to Union Transfer to see the Heartless Bastards. This was my second HB show, and in a much larger, cooler (as in temperature) and newer venue than my first experience. This photograph is a shot of the second opening band (we missed the first), Hacienda. They were pretty good. One singer was far better than the other, though the other certainly had a nice face. I decided I wasn't going to focus on trying to take photographs of the bands, as I am always disappointed with the results and get distracted from actually bopping along with the music. And a good show it was. They played some of my favorites from their past albums and a nice number of songs from their new record.
Union Transfer is a new addition to the concert scene in Philly. For years it was a Spaghetti Warehouse. I imagine they have done a fair amount of work on the inside. I never checked out the space when it was slinging pasta to be able to state that definitively. We stayed close to the stage for the majority of the time, but there was a wrap around second-level balcony that looked like it had pretty decent sight lines, and a bar in the back of the first floor that became a little packed between acts. I was reminded, as live shows often do, that seeing musicians play their music firsthand really is transfixing. How did they all figure it out together? How can that woman sing the way she sings? I also was overwhelmed with a need to go to more live music shows. We'll see if that transpires. Good show, good night.

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