Saturday, March 31, 2012

Parting Scenes From Suminski Innski

After bidding J. adieu in Hudson I drove back south to Tivoli and Suminski Innski. It was still relatively early in the night and I plopped down on the front porch with a glass of wine and a book, content to spend the rest of the evening reading and sipping. But Tim, the proprietor, asked me if I might like to join him and his two friends in a game of Scrabble, which of course I did because Scrabble is one of my favorite things. We sat at one end of a lovely long table in the dining room. Tim showed us some kind of crazy flashlight, and I ran and got my camera so I could take a few photographs of the flashlight's effect on this here chandelier.

Pretty things.
We ended up playing two games. I lost won one and lost one. Good competition. Good night.
The next morning I went back to the river for a few parting shots.
Then went back to the house to enjoy coffee and breakfast. That second night there were other guests, so breakfast was a communal experience. The other folks were up from the city. They had a blog or website, but I can't remember the name of it.
Breakfast was a marvelous mess of egg, cheese, tomatoes, broccoli and I don't know what else. Dill. Tasty.
Oh and sausage too. And bread. And jam.
After I filled myself with breakfast I made my goodbyes to Tim and the others, took one last photograph and headed out of town. I've said it once, but I"ll say it again, this was a really great place to stay for the weekend. The location and views were perfect for me. Tim was a great host. The bed was extremely comfortable and cozy. Oh man, it was just lovely.

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