Saturday, March 10, 2012

Brunch c/o White Dog Cafe

Earlier in the week, Mr. Ass let me know that EF was going to be in town. He didn't really give me much of a head's up, so I already had my dinner and concert plans set. But she and I conversed on Saturday morning and determined that brunch on Sunday was the thing to do. I suggested White Dog Cafe, as I had heard it had a decent brunch but had never checked it out myself. I wasn't overly surprised that the brunch I thought would be just the two of us quickly morphed into the two of us, her two siblings, her parents and her grandmother. That is simply how EF seems to roll: with a family entourage. But they're an entertaining bunch, and I've spent a fair amount of time in their company, so really it was just like a strange family reunion, except I wasn't actually a member of the family. I deliberated between the egg hoagie and the eggs benedict and, no big surprise, I went with the benedict after much hemming and hawing.
This was a pretty good version. Eggs had nice solid whites but the yolk still oozed. The English muffin on which they were served held up well and remained a little bit crispy even with the Hollandaise and yolk. I wouldn't say the Hollandaise itself was all that memorable, nor the potatoes. I believe I enjoyed the vinaigrette on the little side salad that accompanied it. A lovely time seeing the F clan. Thank you for the meal!

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