Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chicken in Morel Sauce

The New Years Eve/Day weekend is always a pretty crazy time for me and my coworkers. The work we do is very deadline oriented, and a lot of deadlines come in around the 3rd or 4th, which means the days leading up to those deadlines are ridiculous. This has - in tandem with my own reluctance to set myself up for disappointment - in past years led me to simply stay in on New Years Eve. Last year a nice balance was struck when I joined M. and A. and S. and A.'s family in the country. I was able to enjoy myself and feel like I was part of a group, but without the crazy crowds or, let's face it, the expectation that I would be kissed as I rang in the new year...and also with the ability to get up relatively early and get down to doing some work. So I was glad when I learned that M. and A. were once again going to be on the east coast for 2012, and happily joined the same bunch for another new years weekend. I arrived Friday evening, just moments before they sat down for dinner. M. and A. had made chicken in Madeira cream sauce with morel mushrooms. It was delicious. Delicious! We also had a salad and cheese course, but I was too busy enjoying it to photograph it.


Gladys L. said...

I love recipe that have a sauce. I eat a lot if the menu have a sauce.

Gladys L. said...

Hmmmm yummy, I love to eat chicken that surrounded with a sweet sauce.