Friday, January 06, 2012

Nachos and Reuben Burger c/o Natty Greene's

On the Thursday before Christmas I flew down to Greensboro, where NC Catherine and J. picked me up and drove me back to their place. After some visiting we all went to bed. The next morning I woke up early to get some work done (busy season negates possible vacation days around the holiday). At a certain point I was pretty caught up and then the three of us went to Natty Greene's for lunch. I totally forget which variety of beer I chose to try. Something light and not too hoppy. Something that pleased my palate. Ugh. Memory fail.
We all shared 'The Big Nasty," a walloping pile of nacho goodness properly adorned with a festive holiday cap of sour cream and a red tortilla.
I chose to go with the special burger of the day, the Reuben Burger. Except instead of Swiss cheese I chose cheddar. It was ok, but not outstanding. The sauerkraut didn't have too much of a tartness to it and I could barely taste the corned beef or Russian dressing.
Still and all, a good meal and a nice break from the work load.

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nc catherine said...

Oh the santa hat of sour cream and a red tortilla so blew past our waiter, but I thought it was hilarious. No idea if the kitchen did it on purpose but I loved it. I totally enjoyed our Natty's respite from your work!