Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year's Dinner

On New Years Eve Day, I woke up early and did some work. Then S. and I went to the grocery store to get what was needed for the evening's dinner. And what was that, you ask? It was pork shoulder as the main protein, with artichokes and additional veggies. I was in charge of the pork. I made my standard garlic, tomato, cider vinegar etc wet sauce. I also did my standard 'stabbing of the pork' and put lots of bits of garlic in those consequent tears in the shoulder.
Cooked for about 8 hours at a low temp, this came out quite well. Actually, I was a little surprised by just how moist it was. Tender for sure, but not quite in the same way that the dish usually works. I think this may have been partially because it was a better quality of meat than I sometimes use, and that it wasn't as fat-ridden as some of the shoulders I've played around with. Or neither of those things, I surely am not sure.
The dogs knew something was going on.
A. diligently scooped the thistle-y part of the artichokes out before steaming them, which meant that when it came to eating them, you could go straight to the heart without all that untasty fluff.
I cooked the pork with the sauce and a fair number of onions, carrots, mushrooms and potatoes. These veggies soaked and soaked in the tomato/fatty wonder that was the combined result of the pork's fatty juices and the sauce I added into the mix.
I believe we had a salad course and then a cheese course. The triple cream was especially tasty.
And for dessert, homemade gingerbread and M.'s hand whipped cream.
A wonderful way to spend the last night of 2011.

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