Saturday, January 07, 2012

Christmas Eve Dinner

I flew into Greensboro on Thursday night. During my work day I got a text from NCC about the status of her house and while I understood the words, I didn't really understand what the picture would be once I got there. Said another way, NCC let me know that they had a pipe explode earlier that morning, which resulted in copious amounts of free falling water spilling out and all over, seeping from the second floor's floor to the first floor's ceiling. The result was three big machines and lots of little tubes sucking out moisture from the first and second floors. I meant to take a lot of photographs of this situation, but got accustomed to it so quickly that I never actually took those series of photos. The most proof I have is making friends with the alien tube that extended from a new whole in the kitchen ceiling.
On Christmas Eve day, after the lunch and visit, we returned to the house and I think I took a serious nap. I napped like I never napped before, I tell you. And I awoke to the always wonderful smell of a long cooking pork shoulder. I forget what J. had said or done to warrant her mother giving her the middle finger, but it was entertaining.
Getting a photograph of J. properly smiling when you ask her to smile is a challenge I have yet to meet, but taking a photograph of her smiling when her mother's hamming it up is quite a bit easier.
This is usually more how it goes.
NCC and J. were watching their neighbors' dogs over the holidays, which was great because that meant they had an auxiliary oven. NCC had diligently prepared the dough for a "monkey bread" and had popped it into that oven, forgetting that the neighbors' oven simply wasn't as nice as her own. This resulted in the tragedy of a good monkey bread gone bad. NCC really didn't want me to take a photograph, but I did anyways. Though it was blackened on top, it was still a pretty thing - you could imagine quite easily what it could have been.
So the dinner that night was pork shoulder a la NCC based on my amazingly non-specific recipe for the same. What? I'm at a mechanic's and I stayed up too late last night, you should be amazed that I'm writing full sentences at all.
A nice little salad.

Dad and me after dinner. You will note that my dress's belt is unbuckled due to how full I was. I'm a sexy beast.

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nc catherine said...

Holy crap I was terrified that you would indeed post all those awful pix of people (well the c and j people). But, despite the yuck factor of the photos and the burned bread, the times had were awesome and pretty much conveyed here. I am sorry we did not get pix of all of us having a moment with the clear plastic "gumby" in the kitchen......