Sunday, January 29, 2012

Country Snow

I woke up pretty early for my Saturday morning in Bucks. I can't say I was surprised to find that it was snowing, because I had actually checked the weather. That said, I still found it quite pretty. I took a photograph with my iPhone I will have to track down for my next iPhone photo round up. Here is Yma. She looks more worried than I think she actually was.
This is Pipo. Pipo sometimes seems confused by what she wants. Or perhaps more accurately she doesn't know how to communicate her feelings in a productive manner. In other words, she's a growler. But she is also a lover of stuffed hedgehogs. We played some keepaway with the hedgehog, where I pretended that I really wanted the hedgehog, and she growled and ran in circles...I know this was actually fun to her because when I stopped chasing her, she'd look behind her with a expression of 'I wasn't done growling and running away from you, please continue.' When I was done with the game, she would lie down in a comfy pile and just keep the hedgehog in her mouth. It was funny.
It eventually stopped snowing. I don't think the accumulation was more than three inches. I noticed a definite uptick in geese flying around the big field that runs up to some woods, which is then bordered by a creek. There were so many of them that you could hear the honking from inside the house. I decided to investigate, as I had a suspicion that some kind of congregation of mass proportions was happening in the creek.
I was right. But what I was wrong about was forgetting my zoom lens at home, so the photographs of the hundreds of geese I saw are just not all that impressive. Apologies to myself.
Snow and cut corn stalks.
Geese taking flight as they clue in to my presence by the creek.
Flippity, flappity, flippity, honk.

Very pretty.

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