Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pulled Pork, Slaw and Cornbread to Start 2012

On the first I had to complete a bit of work in the morning, but helped with the lunch for the day. A.'s mother, M., shredded the remaining pork shoulder and then I made my version of pulled pork, which is definitely some amalgamation of a few different styles and totally inauthentic. T. whipped up some slaw, which I enjoyed mightily, and gluten-free cornbread to boot. A good final meal with this crew.
Then we played one more game of Catan before I headed back to Philly. Pretty sure I didn't win this game either, though I did have a pretty long road until I was whom I can't quite remember. A. or C. probably.
I do like when the same thing happens in consecutive years; the sense of at least a fleeting tradition. I'm sure that as A. and M. and their respective families grow and change New Year's won't be at this location or include me, but for this year and last, it was a wonderful and relaxing time...except for the work, of course. By that I mean: thanks to S. for hosting us all and to the whole crew for their contributions to broadening my palate's experience with Italian wines and Wegman cheeses.

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