Friday, June 28, 2013

Big Beach Day in Corolla, Outer Banks

Perhaps it was the third afternoon of our stay that saw the most consistent beach times for all the different branches of the family. I know I was there for a bit of time and managed to take a good number of photos of many of the kids and some of the adults. Though upon reviewing photos of the whole week I'd say that I was not properly diligent in capturing any proof of J., Cuz K., Aunt L., Uncle E., myself, or G. and A. from the kid crew. Alas. In any case, on this particular day the waves weren't too overwhelming to look at and were generally okay once you were in....but there was a definite pull of rip going on. At one point I made my way via boogie board to the sand bar where I saw many others catching slightly bigger waves. It wasn't altogether easy to get ou there, and after catching a few good waves and then one that smashed me to the sandy floor, I decided it was time to go back to shore. This proved to be slightly more complicated than I expected and put a kibosh on my own interest in going that far out again. Dad stayed closer to shore, though he said he also had not an altogether easy time when it came to extricating himself from the sea.
But for a while they were friends.
Baby R. is considered one of the most fearless of her four siblings.
She gets things done.
I'd say her older sister I. isn't without her fearlessness.
And the older girls really were immersed in water for the majority of this day.
Facing the great unknown.

R. and I. at perhaps cross purposes. And to think, a little over a year ago they looked more like this.
Q. and K. taking advantage of high tide. We were at the beach long enough that we had to move our stuff two times to avoid getting wetter than we intended.

Action shot. A.'s son W. was perhaps the most adept at this whole wakeboarding thing...but I never got a really good one of him in action.
Happy, sandy kid.
M. gave it a good college try.
I kind of made K. wave to me.
W. with his wakeboard.
Father and son, facing the world too.

The kids seemed entirely indifferent to the sand that eventually seemed to cover them head to toe. I guess that's good or else they wouldn't have been quite as happy about climbing up this slight dune/hill and just rolling around in sand for 20 minutes.

And that wraps up the biggest beach day and pretty much the majority of photographic proof we were even at the beach.

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nc catherine said...

Looks like great fun. I get itchy just thinking about all the sand those kids had on them and in their swim suits!!!