Thursday, June 06, 2013

Bard Tent Party and Later Times 2013

While the official reunion events would take place on Saturday, I may have been most excited about the Tent Party, which may be relatively self-explanatory...but I'll explain it anyways. Bard's graduation ceremony takes place under a pretty big tent. The night before graduation that tent is used as a huge dance area for a big ol' party for current students and returning alumni. There is also a beer truck set up where one can get free beer  as long as they have a wrist band. To get a wrist band we just had to say our names, class years, where we lived our freshmen year (trailer 2) and the title of our senior projects (Touch Me Like They Do In the Movies). Here you can see the combined power of the bracelets.
There was also an event up in the cafeteria building. This was for a slightly more mature set, and I guess we fit in well enough.
Two other members of the Class of 2013 have started a solar powered popcorn company. If you ever see this brand, buy it.
We ran into A.F. as well as a random current student whom we befriended for about five minutes. Good luck in the real world random Bard student!
In the tent.
Hugging K.
B. from Texas and S. wearing my rain jacket (I brought two because you never know).
This is a pretty awful photo of me and C. but note the creepster in the background. Very typical Bard.

So in addition to free booze, the college also puts out pizza and donuts as the night comes to a close. Basically they get us liquored up and then try to sober us up. It sometimes works.

The beer and festivities came to a close around 2 AM. C., K., B. from Texas and S. had all departed while L. and I tried to enjoy a little dancing. But the music was a little too, uh, youthful? Too many stutters and stops, no consistent rhythm...and just way too many young people making out. If I'm not doing the making out in public, I don't want to see it. Rule to live by. So L. and I then began our own walk back when one of the myriad golf carts driven by student volunteers (or perhaps they were being paid) appeared and asked where we were going and if we wanted a ride. We gave them our location and answered with an enthusiastic yes to the ride. They called out to others in the still crowded donut area, but no off we went and soon enough we ran into those who started out before us and they joined. There is something pretty fun about riding a golf cart at 2 AM driven by college students while on your own former college campus.
And then the party continued. I don't know who brought the additional booze (I contributed a half bottle of Evan Williams to the festivities) but it allowed the party to rage on for many hours.
H., my first Bard contact of the weekend.
I am not exactly sure who is taking the majority of these photos, though I have a pretty good suspicion that it was L.

C. was about done with the papparazzi and my lack of chin was in full display. I have a chin. I swear.
K. and M. and a girl whose name I don't know. Flying or surfing?
It was an especially late night. I don't think my head hit a pillow til after 5. But if you're going to go to a college reunion, you best go hard...I guess?

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