Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dart Banquet

So I am the captain of a dart team. We're a motley crew but we get along pretty well and our overall roster is pretty strong. In the fall season we got very close to finishing well within our division, but we kind of screwed the pooch in our playoff game. During the spring season we fared a bit better, winning our regular season but not clinching the playoffs yet again. But two of us (not me in either case) did have the highest in- and out- shots for a respective season. Here is T. with his in-shot trophy. And I think actually maybe it's three teammates...just that N. wasn't there to collect his prize so I kind of forgot about it momentarily.
And here is a portion of the team with the plate we won, which is a really heavy son of a gun. I'm going to bring it to our home bar at some point soon and they will hang it on the wall and we will be famous for eternity. We also won shirts with our names on it because of finishing first in the regular season. Shirts and plates! Plates and shirts!
Here is my roommate, A., with his trophy in hand.
On this particular Sunday afternoon the league threw a banquet so everyone could collect their prizes and eat and drink and play darts. I did two out of those three things. For the dart playing it was an "LOD," which stands for luck of the draw. Basically you throw in some dollars and then you're paired randomly with a partner. My partner and I got through the first round but didn't fare quite as well in the second, but it could have been worse.


nc catherine said...

Absolutely great dress! But can one heave a dart in an awesome strapless sundress? Well I am sure you can, goodness knows I couldn't. Be famous in your local bar! Trophies, heavy plates, shirts!!!

Huck said...

Congratulations!! This sounds fabulous. Well done, you and your team!