Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chicken Thighs and Country Times

I haven't been able to go out to the country as much in the last few months. Between the Preakness, my reunion and work stuff, it just hasn't been feasible time-wise. But I did manage to get out there in early June and, unsurprisingly, had a lovely few days mainly reading, walking and cooking. The one dish I enjoyed fooling around with were breaded chicken thighs with a tomato garlic kind of topping/sauce, with some bacon grease thrown in for good measure. I think one of the things I did right with this dish was seasoning the flour enough that the breaded coating actually had some flavor of its own to go along with the tomatoes.

It was all very green and lush. It rained for a good portion of my time there, but other than the mud, it just made the walks nicer.
I believe this is a Camembert of some kind with toasted baguette rounds.

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nc catherine said...

Herbs and spices in the breading/flour, totally key. Her highness the college student decided the other night to make fried chicken with big, no, GIANT chicken thighs, and she went to town with the flavorings in the flour. Amazingly good chicken. Of course, fried in a mixture of bacon grease and oil, yeah what is there not to love there? Just don't tell my arteries please.