Saturday, June 08, 2013

Drinks, Mistakes and Snacks c/o Morgan's Pier

On Memorial Day I met up with CPM and R. on a bus. Our destination was Morgan's Pier. The outdoor bar/restaurant/club has a little of everything. Two bars, picnic tables and additional seating options, a view of the river, a view of the Benjamin Franklin bridge, games and playground equipment for the young and old, dance parties. You know it's like one of those clubs Stefon on SNL would talk about, except without midgets or terrible things you wouldn't actually want to have anything to do with. When we arrived at some point in the afternoon, it was already full of people. Most tables were already called for and spots at either bar were a bit limited. We mosied over to the smaller of the two bars to get our first round of drinks. On our approach I noticed B., a Bardian whom I don't really know, but with whom I am Facebook friends. He's a food/wine guy and was behind the bar doing something related to such expertise. We've only run into each other once in my time in Philly, but it was a pretty good run in. In any case CPM wanted to try their watermelon beer cocktail while R. and I were immediately drawn to the michelada option on the menu. We placed our orders and when it was time to lay down the cash, the bartender told us that B. had bought our drinks. Thanks B.! Of course we were accidental assholes so excited about getting free drinks that we totally forgot to still tip our bartender. And that is why you don't get nice things CC, because you just don't know how to reciprocate. Dear Bartender, we didn't mean to be assholes.
With drinks in hand we made a more concerted effort to find a spot to sit in the sun. Our timing was impeccable, as one large party was leaving just as we were sidling up to their particular table. We had a nice view of the bridge but less of a view of the river as much as the marina that skirts the entire Morgan's Pier area. I guess it's the pier itself? In any case, after taking a look at the menu I knew I wanted to try the shishito peppers and CPM knew that she wanted to try the really good fries. And that's just what we did. The peppers were nice and crispy tender and the dill dipping sauce was pretty great too...though I kind of wish it had been just an iota thicker or creamier, it would drip off the peppers making the entire process a little messier than it could have been. Fries were also decent and came with a special aioli.

After snacking and having another round of drinks (I tried the shandy), R. and CPM were itching to play some ping pong. It's not a game I'm particularly good at, so I basically just sat on a stool and watched for a while. We didn't get loaded and made our way back to our neighborhood while the sun was still very much in the sky. It was entirely a nice little day trip. The vibe during the day is pretty family friendly, while I know that come night fall things get far more bumpin'. I have every intention of going back again, overtipping whatever bartender I might have as penance, trying a burger and doing a little dancing.

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