Thursday, June 20, 2013

Grilled Soft Shell Crabs with Asparagus and Kimchi

So the Modomio and Unibroue night was quite nice on the whole and ended a bit later than I had planned, but I was still able to gather myself together for a good solid drive of errands around Philly. I went to Target and bought a new dress and a few other necessities. I also purchased a single Dahlia plant and an "heirloom" tomato plant at Lowes. Then I drove down Washington Avenue and went to a fish market in the Italian Market area to buy soft shell crabs. After that I made an efficient trip to the Headhouse farmer's market to pick up a few things. Oh and I started the trip by stopping at the Asian Food Super Market on Spring Garden Street to pick up another king sized jar of kim chi. And what did I do with all these various purchases? What kind of consumer am I? Well. The crabs were first of six to be eaten in a four day period of time. I usually try different variations of breading and lightly frying my soft shells, but since I've been enjoying the whole grilling experience so much this summer, I thought I'd investigate whether grilling softs shell crabs was a "thing" that you "do." Turns out it is. I watched a little video of Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse being quite pleased with one another and demonstrating how to grill soft shells.
The grill is gas, so nothing can get a true charcoaly/woody taste, but I did use a cast iron grill pan to give the crabs some extra support. The crabs themselves were liberally coated in olive oil and then slightly less liberally seasoned with salt and pepper and a tad of old bay. Along side were hot house not local at all Campari tomatoes, the kim chi from my first errand stop, and grilled spring onions and asparagus. All with lemon slices and Whole Foods Tartar Sauce. And let me just say. I love a number of things about Whole Foods...but I keep accidentally buying their tartar sauce and h-a-t-i-n-g it. Or at the very least not finding it worth the effort of buying and trying, not liking, and then forgetting it.

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nc catherine said...

Those softshells look incredibly delicious.

I have a friend whose girlfriend is Korean and they make kimchi. Whoa. Our local super SUPER market for all things not Eurocentric has giant containers of kimchi. I mean like gallons. Crazy.

I am going on a softshell hunt this weekend, have not had any thus far. And supposedly the NC ones are only available during the period between the first full moon in May and the first full moon in June so I know I missed THAT window, alas.