Thursday, July 04, 2013

Tuna and Mac Dinner of Champions, With Appearances by Salad and Lasagna

I got a bit excited about the opportunity to cook a big meal for everybody one night. Others contributed far more in the food department, but nonetheless I was happy to do a little too. Dad and I got excited about the possibility of tuna, and while not all of the Midwesterners among us were as excited, there were certainly a number of takers. Cuz K.'s fiance A. did most of the actual grilling. I just stood by and looked.
Uncle E. stayed out of it entirely.
I also made a spinach and tomato sauce lasagna, which I think turned out pretty well.
I've begun to add a top layer of panko to my mac n' cheese for an extra little crunch.
Tuna. Tuna. Tuna. We did some rather rare while other were far more cooked.
I also chopped up a not insignificant amount of tomatoes, red onion, corn and cucumber for a salad.
Final result? Pretty tasty plate.
Beautiful sunsets were also had.

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nc catherine said...

Wow that was a lot of tuna! Looked quite good. What was the topping on your piece? And I want to make the salad for supper....Panko is my new favorite thing so I can see the addition to the Mac 'n Cheese!