Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Barbeque Times With Dogs

C. and R. usually have a barbeque each year. If I recall correctly, they didn't have one last year because they were slightly preoccupied with getting married.But with almost one full year of marriage under their belts, a barbeque was back in the cards. I arrived on the earlier side and was lucky enough to get one of the first burgers off the grill, along with some bacon broccoli salad and something creamy I didn't really understand. Also there was a dog other than Brutus at the barbeque and he was definitely hoping for some of my food. He was thwarted at the last possible second.
C. made her delicious, but dangerous, sangria. I partook of none of it because it is like a siren's call to a sailor. You know it might destroy you once you've heard it, but my oh my you don't care.
Brutus was looking a little like a chubby Yoda while others played a beer cup game. Again I showed remarkable restraint and sat out from the game...this was in large part because I had quite a drive the next day, but hey...points for restraint and responsibility!
LW, M. and me.
Not sure what this was about but somehow I like it anyways.
Party times:)
I also had a hot dog, which hit just the right hungry spot.

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