Saturday, June 08, 2013

Chicken, Spatchcock style

Summer is by far my favorite of the seasons. The warm weather. The flowers. The warm weather. Summer dresses. Even when it's super duper hot, I'm generally a happier camper than on any given day in the other seasons, winter especially. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Additionally, summer means that I can spend huge swathes of my day sitting on the deck reading a book. And that I can also be cooking on the grill while sitting on the deck reading a book. On this particular day I decided it was time to spatchcock another chicken. I've found that the cooking goes more quickly and there's less guesswork somehow than when I roast a chicken in the oven. Or perhaps I can be more patient and just let the chicken be due to the fact that I'm happily reading outside on the deck. In any case, this particular chicken turned out pretty good. I should have shifted it a little more than I did at certain points in the process, as it got a little too charred on the underside, but the majority of the bird was perfect. The skin was crispy, the meat tender and moist. I didn't bother brining. Just rubbed some olive oil on the bird and then liberally salt and peppered it.
It was a wonderful evening meal and the leftovers became a few different lunches and dinners.

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