Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whisky, Beer, Treats and Champagne c/o Lemon Hill

The Thursday before Easter weekend I thought it might be nice to enjoy a happy hour at Lemon Hill. I thought it would be doubly nice because I knew I was taking Friday off in order to drive to Ohio to spend time with my assorted relatives in the Columbus area. LW agreed with this basic idea, or may have suggested it? In either case, I arrived first and enjoyed a glass of wine and a perusal of the menu before LW joined me. Their happy hour cocktail of the evening was one I knew better than to tangle with, so the evening for me began with wine. When LW arrived she went in a slightly different direction, requesting bartender's choice as far as a good whisky on which to sip. A ten year Tullamore Dew fit the bill quite well. I have no idea what LW's doing with her face in this photo, but it makes me chuckle so I'm including it.
We also decided to share a few snacks. Their fried cheese curds remain delicate and oozy, and the long hot vinaigrette a nice alternative to some tomato-based dipping sauce.
We also tried a few new things, which began with the Dove Song goat's milk ricotta with walnut and strawberry conserve, miner's lettuce (whatever that means) and sourdough bread. The ricotta was markedly different from what I imagine could be considered the more typical cow's milk variety. Its consistency just a bit thicker, but its taste a little more complex than a more 'white bread' ricotta you might come across. The strawberry accent was a nice contrast and while I don't generally care for sourdough, the slight pinch of the palate it creates in my mouth worked  in this combination.
LW continued on a journey of Scotch...this time with Johnny Drum.
We also decided to try out the beef fat kim chi. And good god. I've been working on perfecting my own soondubu jigae (Korean tofu stew, often with a kimchi element to it) and have tried a few different kimchis over the last few weeks....and man alive, this kimchi put them to shame in terms of sheer spice level. I believe LW at one point said she couldn't feel her face. It was legitimately spicy. Good, but not for the faint of heart. We couldn't finish it between the two of us...but I would definitely order it again.
This photograph is out of order but I'm leaving it as-is.
We also tried out the smoked trout croquettes with black garlic aioli, pickled horseradish and dill. Now I never really warm up to dill, but I will say that its inclusion on this plate didn't turn me off. I favored the garlic aioli and horseradish elements, but the dill wasn't an issue. The croquettes themselves were nice and crispy on the outside and positively bursting with hot trouty potato creaminess on the inside. Perhaps not my favorite dish of the night, they were still not without their charm. 
While I had every intention of having a relatively early night, I also knew I didn't have any early morning obligations. LW also seemed to be laid back about her responsibilities the next day. This led to champagne. And photographs taken by an angel-ic (heh) bartender. We also ran into my roommate and a few other neighborhood folks that I knew tangentially so it was altogether a longer and more sociable night than I had expected. I still managed to be up and out of the apartment at a pretty decent time the next day, arriving in Columbus just a little before 5 PM.
Lemon Hill isn't a spot I go to more than once a month or so, but every time I go I enjoy the atmosphere, clientele, staff and vibe. Just writing this up may inspire another visit in the next few weeks.

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nc catherine said...

What a generous amount of whiskey was poured for LW! And what was the cocktail special you know not to tangle with (you know with which not to tangle)?

Someday I am gonna have some cheese curds! And black garlic???? Such revelations.