Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pho and Engagement of Others

On a Saturday not long after the sushi I had a work responsibility that involved seeing the newest Tina Fey movie. I decided to go to the earliest possible show, and to try a new-to-me pho spot beforehand. It met my expectations though the broth wasn't as excellent as the Oregon Avenue location LW and I often frequent. If you want to know my basic thoughts on the movie, you can go here...though you'll be kind of confused, I would think.
Also on that weekend's agenda was meeting up with SP and CG, as they had let me know they'd be in the city weeks before. In fact, when I returned to NYC after my trip I met up with T. and his girlfriend A. and clued me into the high probability that SP was going to propose while they were in town. I wondered if this would result in my not actually seeing them, and I also wondered if T. should have told me, so I did email SP separately to confirm that even with a proposal there would be time to hang. He responded in the affirmative. At first we met at the Ranstead Room, but there was an unsurprising 45 minute wait, so we concocted a quick plan B and headed to the Bards, where we took over a table and hung out for some hours. This included seeing J., his girlfriend, and a bunch of folks I didn't know and didn't really get to know, though they seemed nice. So SP certainly did propose. And CG definitely said yes. It was a very celebratory evening with plenty of beer and darts.
SP recreating his proposal. Maybe.
CG, engaged and hitting what she aimed for.
My face needs help.
A good evening.

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