Friday, April 12, 2013

Sushi Rounds c/o Doma

Gosh, some weeks back I could fight the urge for sushi no further and made my way to Doma to get my fix. Doma's a good spot. Small, no chairs at the sushi bar itself, with decor that is trying just a bit too hard to be 'hip' and 'modern', it has always been 100% satisfying when it comes to the quality of their fish and other treats. On this occasion I decided to splurge and do a few small rounds of sushi instead of over- or under-ordering at the get-go. So I started with the sashimi appetizer, which was a beautifully presented plate of six different fish. Some were wrapped around slivers of avocado, jalapeno, water cress or cucumber. Others simply were wrapped around themselves or plated solidly on their own. The salmon was particularly buttery and more flavorful and tender than some of the more chop shop/cheap sushi places I sometimes find myself going to in order to get a cheap sushi fix...this generally always ends with me wishing I had just waited/saved and gone to a higher caliber location.
I also couldn't pass up one piece of fatty tuna, wasabi tobbiko, monkfish pate and ikura.
And then to round out the gluttony I tried their mackerel in the two different styles they had to offer  (favoring the pickled version) along with one more piece of salmon and one more piece of ikura.
Oh just 100% delightful. Looking at these photos and remembering just how enjoyable the entire occasion was makes me want to throw caution to the wind and go again. I will fight it. But for how long?

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nc catherine said...

Ya know, given the overall healthiness if not cheapiness of sushi, I am not sure if "gluttony" really fits...but yeah now I want some in a super bad way!!!!!