Saturday, April 13, 2013

Steak and Eggs c/o McCrossen's

The next morning CG and SP and I met up at McCrossen's for brunch. For all the hours I've logged at that spot over the last couple of years, I hadn't been to its brunch since T. totally revamped its menu, which was going on three years back I think? While there were a number of other spots we could have tried, it just seemed right to finally give it a go. Given all the beer I had consumed the night before, and the incredibly late hour at which I finally went to bed, the good deal on bloody mary's or mimosas didn't really appeal, but I did order a virgin bloody mary that had a serious and delightful kick of horseradishy spiciness. I chose to go with the variation of 'steak and eggs.' which was really just a burger with eggs on top, fancied with a bearnaise sauce and chive potato cake. It was pretty good. I must say that service was a little wacky. SP requested a side of toast at the very start of the meal, then had to ask for it again...and it only arrived when 2/3 of his plate was already eaten. $2 for bread that didn't even arrive in time to be properly used seemed slightly bad form in my estimation.
It was lovely to spend some time with these two individuals when such life-changing and happy times were in front of them. Yes indeed. Good times.

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