Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dinner c/o Jury Room, Darts and Drinks c/o Beck Tavern

As I believed I mentioned in the preceding post, I made especially good time getting to my cousin K. and her bf A.'s house outside Columbus despite my rather debauched night. After unwinding for a bit we then headed into the city with my uncle E. to meet up with my aunt L. at the Jury Room. This was a relatively new spot in town, and new to all of us as far as eating. K. suggested we split the loaded fries appetizer, which came out with a very generous glob of sour cream and a solid portion of fries. The cheese we pictured would have been more of the nacho variety, so the shredded reality was a bit of a let down. I personally would have preferred crispier fries all around.
I gravitated to the blue cheese stuffed olive appetizer, which was fried of course. While they were certainly piping hot, the olives themselves were so salty that I didn't fall in love with the dish and didn't make that much of a dent in them. Good thing they had a really solid happy hour deal with a significant discount (half off) for appetizers. Well, really these things would only have been $4 so it wasn't a complete splurge to try one way or the other.
I tried their artichoke chicken "hoagie." When I was trying to remember what I had by looking at the menu I was quite confused because I had forgotten the hoagie element of the description. This was no Philadelphian's hoagie that's for sure. More sandwich. Or un-pressed panini. Not bad but not spectacular. K. totally loved her brisket sandwich though, so I'm not hating on the place, just saying that I didn't order anything that wowed me. What did wow me were the establishment's decor and general vibe, the friendliness of the servers and the really solid beer list. Given my overindulgence the night before, I wasn't going crazy with beers on this evening, but I did thoroughly enjoy the chocolate-ish stout I ordered...they had a nice selection of craft and local beers on tap that seem to turnaround quickly enough that they don't have it posted on their website. 

After dinner we made our way to German Village to enjoy additional time together at Beck Tavern, which by no coincidence in planning also had a few dart boards. Though I had the presence of mind to bring my darts to Ohio with me, I had somehow forgotten to bring my darts out on this particular evening. Good thing bar darts are always plentiful at spots like this. We played a few rounds of cricket and variations of 01 games with great enjoyment. I think I was trying a little hard to show my relatives how good I was, which in turn made me less adept, but fun was had. Above you can see my uncle showing me his stance. Solid. After some serious taking-over of the jukebox by K. and me, and a few more games and drinks, we called it a relatively early evening. A nice start to my holiday weekend in the 'Bus (no one calls it that, but they should consider it).

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