Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Pig Tails c/o McCrossens

My first meal out after my return from the Bahamas was a quick snack at McCrossens with LW. I chose to try one of the specials of the night: pig tails. They were done in a kind of wing-style, sticky with a sweet sauce reminiscent to that you'd find on a fancy version of wings that, if I recall correctly, also had a bit of savory to them through a rosemary element. It was my first pig tail experience and I had no idea what exactly to expect. Perhaps literal end of tail curlicues...though I imagine that would have been quite chewy/fatty? These were more like pig vertebrae, with clear notched spine bones in each morsel, which had a nice little tender piece of meat along with an inordinate amount of crispy/creamy fat to boot.  This makes sense given that the tail is at the tail end of the animal's back. Heh. Meh. They were rich and I didn't finish my plate, but I was glad to now have at least a basic idea of what a pig tail's meat to fat to bone ratio is.

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