Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter Sunday in Ohio

Easter Sunday for me started with prepping the macaroni and cheese I'd be contributing to my family's Sunday dinner. For most of the rest of the family, it began with church. Different strokes, different folks. Once K. and A. returned from church, we got ourselves together (they took off their fancy church clothes while I put on something other than my pajamas) and headed over to my aunt and uncle's house. A. went and picked up his kids, W. and K. and thus this photograph was possible.
And this one.
And this one, where it almost looks like W. doesn't have a head and is only a body carrying K. around.
M. and A. took control over the marinating and grilling of a number of veggies, which included asparagus, carrots and peppers.

A salad and a lot of fresh fruit were also available.
Not to mention a crock pot roasted turkey breast.
And a ham. And lactose-free potatoes and lactose-full macaroni and cheese (in this version there's a mix of cheddar, fontina, mozzarella, gouda, colby jack and that may be it).
As the family expands so do the tables L. and E. have to pull out so that we can all fit. But we do all fit!
Baby R. with some treat in her mouth I think.
This year was definitely chillier than last year. Fewer flowers had bloomed and jackets were definitely needed to fight off a chill in the air. While that's all true, it wasn't so cold or gloomy that kids couldn't make quick work finding the 64 plastic eggs I hid around the backyard.

And of course there were about a million different tasty sweet treats to choose from for dessert.
Brownies. Sweet potato cookies. Etc.

Another good Easter. We then watched more March madness, including that sad moment for the player with the leg from Louisville.

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nc catherine said...

I love the bunny ear headbands. I might have to humiliate one and all next year with those.

I am so digging the mac and cheese for Easter, once I get past my delirious love of butterflied marinated herbed grilled leg of lamb. Oh wait, I am southern and I live in the south so I can have mac and cheese as a vegetable side! No lie. My favorite "meat and three" diners always have m and c as a veggie side.

And I covet the grill pan for vegetables. I want one now. Yep.

Sometimes Easter is sunny and 80 degrees, sometimes not. The bunny hops no matter the temps, altho frost makes his feet chilly.