Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Adventures in Columbus' North Market

A. is way into food and was enthusiastic about showing me some spots in Columbus that I had heretofore not known about it. I know this is true because he had made a note on his iPad of potential places to take me. Warms my heart. In any case, K., A. and I got ourselves together after a lovely breakfast home and made our way to North Market. It's very similar in vibe and feel to Reading Terminal Market, but slightly brighter and a little smaller. We went in order to enjoy a lunch but also so I could potentially pick up a few above average cheeses for the mac n' cheese the family requested I prepare for Easter. There were so many interesting options as far as food was concerned. At first I thought I'd try some barbeque. Then I almost got waylaid by some truly delectable looking sub-style sandwiches. But in the end I chose to try out a han/pate banh mi sandwich from Lan Viet Market. Their pho was also quite tempting, but I decided it was far too crowded a day to try maneuvering myself and a big bowl of broth up to the seating area above the market's floor. The bread was nicely crunchy on the outside and yet soft on the inside. Could have had a bit more flavor on the whole, but a good meal nonetheless.
K. and A. were very interested in getting themselves some Jeni's Splendid ice cream, the line was just so ridiculously long they decided it made more sense to drive to the well populous location of the small ice cream chain. After trying a few different varieties, I ultimately chose a cup with a scoop of lavender berry and a scoop of lemon frozen yogurt, the combination of which was quite satisfying and palate pleasing.

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nc catherine said...

The ice cream is lovely. I particularly like the deep purple of the lavendar berry! I bet the combo with the lemon was delicious.