Monday, April 22, 2013

Baby R. and Pizza Times in Grove City

After a diverting few hours, we packed up the van and headed back to Grove City. I insisted on one photograph with K. though next time she and I are going to have to do more than just one. I take so many pictures of the kids, but I need to be a bit more diligent about photographs of the adults. And of angles that make me look less overweight than I tend to be on any given day.
Baby R. stayed home and we found her and her Dad and my uncle all out in the court, hanging out and playing with bikes and such. She's a cute one. Doesn't say much so far, but definitely is looking around and taking it all in.
For dinner we split three pizzas a myriad of ways. This one was sausage/pepperoni/green pepper. There was a plain for the kids, and maybe a half pineapple half olive in the mix as well.
The kids' table.
The main activity of the evening was watching some of the March madness basketball games. I think this might have been the evening that officially took the Buckeyes out of the running, which was a little sad. I kept referring to myself as a 'fairweather die-hard Buckeyes fan,' and I believe this is actually a good way to describe my ability to get cheer and get excited about the players in one particular game while generally having ignored the entire team for the season that led up to it. Still, it's fun to be in a room of people who care and it makes you care too. Though I think they may have been more disappointed by the loss than I was. R. was rather indifferent.
Until her mother took away her lager, then all hell broke loose.
And she became slightly eery.
And that wraps up that Saturday.

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