Sunday, April 07, 2013

Four Course Dinner Plus Extra Treats c/o Marigold Kitchen

A good amount of time ago CPM and I made our way to west Philly to enjoy a dinner at Marigold Kitchen. It was spectacular. We oohed. We ahhhed. We altogether enjoyed ourselves. Soon thereafter LW and I discussed how we ought to go to Marigold for her birthday. And then somehow we didn't. I forget what exactly prevented us from an August visit, but it never came to be. Months later we picked up that dropped ball and traveled on over to enjoy the restaurant's new format. When CPM and I went it was an a la carte design; it was up to us whether we enjoyed proper appetizers in addition to an entree and all their delightful amuse bouches. Now, after getting a lot of good press (I imagine this was a large contributor to the menu change) visitors to Marigold Kitchen have the option of deciding between a few price points and levels of coursed meals. We went with the minimum, but perhaps maximum returns. I must admit that this post will not include a photograph for each and every dish we were given. The lighting was extremely low and while I tried my best not to use the flash and keep my hands steady, the truth is that some photos just aren't at all up to par (and some that I'm including are iffy nontheless). For example, I'm not showing you the opening popcorn we were given that had been frozen/treated in such a way that the first few bites could give you the ability to exhale and have your breath be like steam. Wasn't able to capture that moment. Nope. Similarly, the light was so low that many of the photographs that I am sharing with you aren't entirely similar in appearance. Color correction under these conditions was difficult...but I hope you can see past these issues to the wonderful meal we did indeed enjoy.
This was some kind of tuna with foam.
I've completely forgotten what this was.
Butternut squash soup with foam.
Ravioli with chocolate.

Head cheese terrine with House Pickled Local Fruits & Vegetables, Toasted Baguette, Braised Mustard Seed.  

Hamachi with Wild Mushroom “Forrest,” Puffed Sticky Rice and Mushroom Tea.
Painted Hills beef filet  with Turnip-Horseradish Puree, Seared Foie Gras, Baby Turnip, Pear, Arugula, Caramelized Onion Pudding.
This was a truly tasty plate. The beef was perfectly medium rare, the foie nice and creamy and the radishes were just heavenly.
A little mint chocolate ice cream sandwich.
Carrot almond cake with Goat’s Kefir Ice Cream, Blood Orange, Candied Carrot  
We were seated on the second floor at a small table by a window. We both thought our main server dude was a little brusque, a little less excited than some of the other servers when it came to the magic he was putting down in front of us. Probably just an off day. I can't remember if LW just wanted to high five one of the other servers or if they actually did. I'm sort of leaning towards actually did.

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