Saturday, January 26, 2013

Micheladas and Tacos c/o La Calaca Feliz

In early 2013 I met up with CPM. She was on break from the grueling school/commute schedule that has caused a sincere lack of CPM or pizza/puppy/wine nights and it seemed right to meet up, have a few drinks, and generally fill each other in on the goings on in our respective lives. We had this meeting of the minds at La Calaca Feliz. I ordered a michelada and I believe CPM did the same.
We also each ordered snacks. I chose to try the special bass tacos of the evening, which were quite tasty...though I'm not a huge fan of the pureed squash element that graced this dish, which shared a flavor profile with the gordita I enjoyed back in June. I think CPM had the carnitas tacos and seemed quite pleased. My favorite part of my plate was definitely the perfectly cooked and seasoned morsels of fish.


nc catherine said...

I confess I had to look up the drink....someone somewhere had suggested a bloody mary with tequila. I tried it, did not love it.

I do love good fish tacos, and am always on the hunt for them. Glad yours were delightful.

cc said...

The bloody mary element is accurate...the tequila part less so. I'd say it's more like a bloody mary plus beer. So some sort of cross in idea between a mimosa (in terms of sparkle bubble) and bloody mary (in terms of color and tomato and spice).

nc catherine said...

Oh I had discovered in looking it up that this drink is beer based. It was some other thing that had tequila in lieu of vodka. Not a good combo for me!