Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Drinks and Snacks

Christmas morning met us with many a present under NC Catherine and J.'s tree. To gird our spirits while wading through the process of opening such bountiful array of presents, we enjoyed mimosas.
Many a present was given.
I will allow that perhaps the present that most raised my spirits was this set of fire gloves that NC Catherine gave me. They are going to be super useful on camping trips and when I need to move a particularly stubborn log in any indoor fire. Very pleased was I. So much so I felt the need to point at myself and make this face while still very much in pajama mode.
Dad, opening what I think turned out to be...a jar of cornichons!
NC C. made a lovely breakfast cake with apricot glaze if I recall correctly.
And bacon, of course. After our very thorough and lengthy present opening start to the day, I don't really know what happened. I must have done something? Napped? Read? Can't be sure at this point. Whatever it was, I am sure it was productive and interesting.
As the hours passed J. and I put together two plates of snacks for pre-dinner time social hour with NC C. and J.'s friends the N.s. This involved a cheese platter that included tallegio and delice de bourgogne, and a plate of freshly cut apples and two different kinds of cheesey crackers/straws.
All within spitting's distance to a fire.
Our morning's mimosas were of the cheap-o champers variety...but for the evening we went a classier route.

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nc catherine said...

Ah pretty and yummy our morning and later snacks! So glad you liked the gloves, they jumped into my basket hollering "We need to go to CC the fire builder!"